CAT Package


“Conflict Analysis Training (CAT)” can be used as a tool to aid conflict prevention, conflict management when prevention fails, and conflict resolution during or towards the end of active conflict. CAT is different to ‘tracking’ or ‘monitoring’. It aims to teach the determination of the architecture of existing or emerging conflicts and to draw on relevant lessons from past conflicts.

The programme teaches participants objective conflict analysis by using the idea of generic conflict rather than focusing on a particular conflict. The methodology deliberately does not use the conflict that course participants maybe most closely associated with. This promotes objectivity and reduces emotional content.

Participants are taught how to discern the relative importance of conflict factors; how they relate to each other; and to note changes. Change in the relative importance of factors is a key element in determining responses in the contextual change of a conflict over time.

CAT methodology provides an aid for decision-makers, and those involved in research into conflict including civil society actors of all types.