Latest Publications

Central Asia and its wider neighbourhood

·         ICRA has developed a bi-monthly journal called “Central Asia and its wider neighbourhood” with a regional interest in Central Asia focusing on commercial developments in the region, including Pakistan, China, India, Iran, Russia and Afghanistan.


The Islamic State in South and Central Asia

·         “The Islamic State in South and Central Asia” Dawood Azami. 11 July 2016. Publication: Survival: Global Politics and Strategy. August-September 2016. Pages: 131-158. Volume: 58. Edition number: 4.–global-politics-and-strategy-august-september-2016-2d3c/58-4-10-azami-1698?ec_as=B80F06A5E1FF4904A6800EE7505EDDAE#_blank


Ukraine – avoidable or inevitable

·         “Ukraine – an inevitable confrontation or avoidable conflict?” Christopher Langton. 2015.

China-Pakistan analysis

·         “China’s road to Kabul runs through Islamabad” Kamal Amal. April 28, 2015

Afghanistan in Transition

.          “Trump’s ‘new’ Afghanistan Strategy & India-U.S.Strategic Partnership”. Shanthie D’Souza. September 2017.

·         “Hammering the bread and the nail. Lessons from counter-terror, stabilization and state-building in Afghanistan”. Hesta Groenwald. Saferworld. January 2016.

·         “Pakistan’s Security Problems & Challenges in the next decade”. Edited by Salma Malik. NUST Publishing. 2015.

·         “Violence, the Taliban, and Afghanistan’s 2014 Elections”. Antonio Giustozzi and Silab Mangal. United States Institute of Peace. 2014.

·         “Afghanistan in Transition: Beyond 2014?” ed. by Shanthie Mariet D’Souza. From: The Middle East Journal, Volume 67, Number 3, Summer 2013 pp. 475-476 | 10.1353/mej.2013.0051


China’s ties with Syria

.          “The dragon and the lion: China’s growing ties with Syria”. Kamal Alam. August 2017.


Peace Process in Colombia

·         “Government negotiations with the FARC and the future of security in Colombia” by Román D. Ortiz and Janneth Vargas. May 15, 2013. Center for Hemispheric Policy of the University of Miami.


Discussion Papers

ICRA’s discussion papers are designed to raise for debate some of the issues that occur in conflict situations rather than to provide a complete analysis.

I. Back to the Land

The “Back to the Land” discussion paper was written by ICRA to highlight the perception that traditional means of generating income that have been damaged or destroyed by violence are often accorded low priority in development and resolution programmes.

II. Language & Conflict
This article exposes only one small part that language plays in conflict. ICRA aims to write a Discussion Paper on the broader aspects of the topic.

III. Gender & Conflict
In this paper on “Gender & Conflict” there is not only a précis of the normally accepted views on gender in armed conflict but a broader perspective to establish a correlation between gender issues in conflict and gender issues in a peaceful situation such as the workplace.


Lessons in Conflict Management

This series of papers has been written by ICRA to highlight lessons in conflict management that can be used in on-going analysis, management and resolution initiatives. The Lessons in Conflict Management are currently used as training material.

Natural Resources Conflicts:

·  Conflict Diamonds
·  Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan

Inter-state Conflicts:

·   Nagorno-Karabakh
·   Georgia

Ethnic Conflicts:

·   South Africa
·   Balkans

Separatist Conflicts:

·   Georgia

Civil Wars:

·   Tajikistan
·    Mexico