Katarina Ammitzbøll


Katarina Ammitzbøll is a senior peacebuilding specialist and political strategies. She has a track record in advising governments and other stakeholders on stabilisation, peacebuilding and governance strategies some 15 countries with the United Nations, the EU, as a Danish diplomat, and as a consultant for think tanks, governments and private cooperation. She is currently responsible for the governmental agency support sector at PeaceNexus in Switzerland and has her own consulting company Kadvice.

She is frequently a public speaker and lecturer on peacebuilding, security sector, rule of law and crisis management and has published several articles, book chapters and reports. She holds a MA in International Development and Economics, Denmark; a LLM in Law in International Development (Int. Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law and Islamic Law), Warwick University, UK and a Certificate in Leadership, Harvard Business School (USA)/ AVT Denmark.