Maria Reha

Maria Reha has over 15 Years of experience with, UNAMA/Afghanistan, UNMIS/Sudan UNMISS/South Sudan, UNMIL/Liberia, UNDP/Afghanistan, UNDP/Liberia UN-WFP/Kabul, UN-WFP/Provincial level, UNOCHA, Oxfam-GB/Kabul, Oxfam-GB/Provincial level, CIR and Afghan government.

Maria was Civic Education Officer during the 2004 elections in Afghanistan; Election Field Support Officer in Liberia; Civic Education Specialist in Sudan for the 2008 & 2009 elections; Public Outreach Officer in South Sudan-Western Bahr-el-Ghizal during the 2010 referendum, Civic Education Specialist with UNDP in Liberia/Monrovia; UNDP/Capacity Development Officer in Afghanistan; WFP/Public Information Officer; WFP/Food Aid Monitoring& Evaluation Officer; Oxfam/Gender Equity Program Officer; Oxfam/Country Gender Advisor; CIR Country Gender Advisor. Maria also worked as teacher trainer in the northern Afghanistan’s Nasir Khisraw Pedagogical college, and as translator with UNOCHA.

She has experience in supporting peace process, gender issues, public information, civic education, field support TOT. She has developing gender policy, designed methodologies, supported elections strategic plan by conducting needs’ assessments. She conducted research and assessments on access to justice at district level, primary courts in Afghanistan, and cases of disability, gender issues and income generation projects.

Maria has an MA in Islamic History & Islamic culture, a BA in International law from Peshawar University, a BA in Islamic Law from Islamic World Network , a one year diploma in Journalism. She has developed five languages: Arabic, Urdu, Pashtu and her mother tongue Dari/Persian.