Conflict Analysis & Resolution Training (CART)

“Conflict Analysis & Resolution Training (CART)” is a tool to aid conflict prevention, conflict management when prevention fails, and conflict resolution during or towards the end of active conflict. CART is different from ‘tracking’ or ‘monitoring’. It aims to teach participants how to determine the architecture and character of conflict and to draw on relevant lessons from past conflicts.

A key part of the training is to teach programme participants how to discern the relative importance of conflict factors; how they relate to each other; and to note changes. Change in the relative importance of factors is a key element in determining responses to the contextual change of a conflict over time.

The training is carried out in a way that allows participants to draw lessons from other conflicts. They are invited to discuss the subjects in an objective way and there is no attempt to use or discuss their own conflicts in the programme. In this sense, the programme deals with ‘conflict’ in an objective and detached way which diminishes the negative effects of emotion.

CART has a broad application for all actors in conflict, and its concept provides a common basis for conflict analysis. ICRA has run CART in Myanmar, Moldova, Sudan, Albania, Montenegro, the RSA Academy, and the University of Exeter in England.

Please click here for the CART concept note. If you would like a full synopsis of the training package, please contact us.

ICRA supports the University of Exeter with Conflict Analysis & Resolution courses and placements